About Us

Helping Neighbourhoods Implement Change is a non- profit organization that was founded November 30th, 2012.
We act as a conduit between the community, local organizations and businesses as well as parents and their children.
We build relationships with community organizations such as Schools, Employment Agencies, Shelters, Trade unions, Entrepreneurship programs, Food Banks, Financial Institutions, Community Organizations etc. to connect individuals and or families to the right resources and services.

Vision & Mission Statement



To reduce the impact of poverty in racialized communities.


Mission Statement

To equip individuals and local businesses with the necessary tools and resources and build their capacity through training and mentorship.


Community Driven

We value the communities in which we work and are inclusive in our approach and transparent in our delivery. The community is the foundation of our work and should be respected.

Relationship Capital

Our organization values the importance of relationship development and puts great emphasis on enhancing our relationships with our community stakeholders and community partners.


To empower, support, and connect people and businesses to resources that will equip them with the necessary tools to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Human Capital

Building the capacity and enhancing skills, through knowledge and experience.